Meeting Lila

Lila, from  Uprooted    © 2017 Kristine Heykants

Lila, from Uprooted   © 2017 Kristine Heykants

I spent time walking around Belmond earlier this month. People there tend to get around by car or truck so I felt pretty self-conscious, especially with my large camera slung across my shoulder. And yet I met some of the kindest people that day. After a friendly hello, Lila and I chatted about the weather and she offered me a drink of water. She told me about her family– her sisters in California, her husband, her children now grown with one still at home and working at the gasket factory down the street. She and her husband moved to Belmond over 20 years ago for work and to raise their family. Now that she's retired she doesn't want to leave. "I just got used to it," she said.